Terms & Conditions

Payment Policy

Reservations are guaranteed by paying 30% of the total amount through the chosen payment method, up to 15 days before check in.

The reservation is guaranteed after receipt of proof of payment of this 30% by email to geral@loftsazulpastel.com, in the case of choosing a bank transfer, as a method of payment.

O não pagamento deste valor leva ao cancelamento automático da reserva.
Failure to pay this amount will automatically cancel the reservation.

The remaining amount of the reservation will be charged, in cash, credit card or debit card, at check-in.

We can store your luggage at reception if it suits you

Cancellation Policy

The conditions for the cancellation of the reservation depend on the advance of the respective communication:
– If it is up to 15 days before the check-in date, there is a full refund of the amount paid for the reservation;
– If it is in the 14 days prior to check-in, the 30% of the total amount of the reservation will be charged.

If the guest does not show up on the day of booking, it is considered “no-show”, being charged the amount of the first night.

The already installed guest can interrupt their stay without the right to a refund.

Terms and Conditions

I. Scope
The terms and conditions contained in this document apply to the relationship between the potential guest, hereinafter referred to as Client, and Lofts Azul Pastel, from the moment of the reservation request until the end of the period of the stay.
In situations that are not provided for in the Terms and Conditions, the applicable legislation is used.


II. Booking Policy
Reservations can be made by phone, email and through our website and Facebook, and the booking engine Booking.com. Reservations by phone, email, website and Facebook are subject to availability.
After the reservation request, if rooms are available, Lofts Azul Pastel provides a transaction code for the reservation.
The Pastel Blue Lofts only guarantees the Client the availability of a room of the reserved type.


III. Arrival and Departure
Lofts Azul Pastel offers the reserved category room from 3 pm onwards. In case no reservation has been made and accommodation is requested at reception, it is subject to availability at the time.
Upon check-in, the guest must identify himself and provide the receptionist with his identification document (identity card / passport).
On the date of departure, the Client will have to leave the room unoccupied for people and goods and without any damage until 11 am.
Check-in and check-out may take place outside of the defined hours, as long as availability is checked with Lofts Azul Pastel employees.
If the room is not vacated by 11 am on the day of departure, without any justification or prior consent from Lofts Azul Pastel, a compensation corresponding to the price of one night will be charged immediately, with the Client only being entitled to use the room during that period rooms are available. Otherwise, you will have to pay the compensation and leave the room as soon as possible.
Lofts Azul Pastel does not have a 24-hour reception service. We kindly ask that guests inform us of their arrival time.
Upon check-in, a key ring with three keys will be delivered: one from the main door of the building, one from the contracted room and another from the kitchen locker. If you lose one of the keys, you should go to the reception and immediately report what happened, with the value of the key charged to the guest. Keys must be returned at check-out.


IV. Terms of use
Only the persons indicated in the accommodation reservation will be entitled to use the room. Visits to our guests are only allowed to stay temporarily with the prior consent of the management of Lofts Azul Pastel.
The Client and the companion (s), if applicable, must use the room in the appropriate conditions, with care and consideration.
The Client and the companion (s), if applicable, must treat other guests with consideration and respect the Regulations provided in each room.
Lofts Azul Pastel offers its guests a common kitchen, living room and patio.
Common spaces and equipment available to guests must be used in the proper conditions and left clean and in good condition.
All damages, breakdowns and thefts associated with the Customer will be charged, taking into account the amount of the damages in question.
Children under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult guest at all times during their stay at Lofts Azul Pastel.
Lofts Azul Pastel will not be responsible for personal property that may disappear inside its facilities.
The Client must always close the doors to the building, the bedroom door and make sure that they are properly closed.
In case of emergency, the Customer should call the contacts provided in the existing regulation in the room for this purpose.


V. Parking
The Lofts Azul Pastel has private parking.


VI. Animals
It is strictly forbidden to house animals in the Pastel Blue Lofts.
The introduction, by the guest, of animals in the lodging allows Lofts Azul Pastel to inform the Client of the obligation to leave without being refunded the amounts paid in the meantime for making the room available during the contracted stay.


VII. Noise
For the sake of respect and understanding towards all guests, special attention is required for silence in social areas, stairs and corridors.
Between 11 pm and 7 am, activities that cause noise that may disturb other guests are not allowed, according to the General Noise Regulation.


VIII. Access to the room by the Pastel Blue Lofts
The team at Lofts Azul Pastel will have the right to enter the room, during the Client’s stay, in order to carry out cleaning, repairs and the like.


IX. Price of stay and other prices
The price of the stay to be paid by the Customer is the consideration for the use of the room in the period between arrival and departure.
The total price of the stay will be charged per night, regardless of whether the Client actually used the room.
The applicable rates will be the agreed prices or the prices established in the Lofts Azul Pastel pricing in force on the date of the reservation request. The Pastel Blue Lofts will have the right to update prices, informing the Client in a timely manner.
The rates and amounts indicated for the stay are all plus VAT at the legal rate in force, unless expressly provided otherwise.
Children up to 5 years old are free of charge. From 6 years old and up to 12 years old there is a 50% discount on the extra bed.
Lofts Azul Pastel provides information and promotions that are in progress on its website.
Offers and promotions are temporary and are subject to specific conditions defined.
Specific payment terms may apply to travel agencies, tour operators and other entities.


X. Payment terms
Payment of the amount of the stay and extra services (extra bed), must be paid upon check-in.
If the length of the Client’s stay is not specified, the price of the stay for each night must be paid by 12 noon, check-out time.
Lofts Azul Pastel accepts payments in cash, ATM, paypal, credit card (via secure platform stripe.com) or by bank transfer. We accept debit and credit cards.
Checks are not accepted.
Specific payment terms may apply to travel agencies, tour operators and other entities.


XI. Complaints
There is a complaints book at the reception.
Any complaints or suggestions should be forwarded to management.
Having verified that there is indeed a defect in the Client’s room, Lofts Azul Pastel has the right to opt for repair and to rehome the guest in a room of the same category contracted with the guest. Only defects that could jeopardize the service level and quality of the Pastel Blue Lofts will be considered.


XII. Responsibility of Pastel Blue Lofts
The Pastel Blue Lofts will be responsible for ensuring adequate conditions of hygiene, cleanliness and security of the accommodation.
Lofts Azul Pastel will not be responsible for personal property that may disappear inside its facilities.
Lofts Azul Pastel does not assume any responsibility for loss of data provided by the Client in the event of electronic transmission of payment data, being only responsible if there is a fault.
Lofts Azul Pastel will not be responsible to the Client in case of delay in the availability of the room if there is a reason of force majeure. Force majeure will be considered as making the room impossible or more difficult, such as strikes, blockades, natural disasters, accidents in the room itself or in the accommodation.


XIII. Duty of notification
In the event of theft, property damage, fire, flood or other damage to the accommodation room, the Client must immediately inform the Lofts Azul Pastel team and do everything to help resolve the situation in question.


XIV. End of stay
Lofts Azul Pastel has the right to end the stay if the Client fails to pay the amount due, as well as if the Client exhibits any behavior that affects good coexistence, peace or hygiene.
The Client may request the end of his stay at any time until 7:30 pm, to take effect from 12 noon the next day.


XV. Data protection
The personal data of the Client and his / her companion (s), if applicable, will be stored and processed by Lofts Azul Pastel and service providers, in accordance with the Law, for the services requested by the Client and for advertising campaigns own.
The Client will have the right to object at any time to the use of personal data for advertising purposes, and must inform Lofts Azul Pastel.
Unless otherwise specified, the Client’s personal data must be deleted when the legal retention period ends.

XVI. General provisions

The Terms and Conditions regulate the Client’s stay at Lofts Azul Pastel and his use of the room.
The nullity of one or more of the previous provisions does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid provision will be replaced by the valid provision, the closest to the commercial and legal intentions of the parties or if this is not possible under Portuguese law in force.

Lofts Azul Pastel Rules

Click on the link below to read the PDF file with the regulations of the Pastel Blue Lofts

[ Regulamento / Rules Lofts Azul Pastel ]